Alpaca OverRuns - Mixed styles

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These are Alpaca socks.  Sold in bundles of 6 and 12 are considered over runs, or close out socks.  Some of them will have minor flaws or variations in the dye lot.  They are a great deal and make wondeful gifts and stocking stuffers during the holidays.  


Why from Peru?

Peruvian alpaca is the best there is and is naturally warm becuase the alpacas breed at over 10,500 ft in the Andes where it is cold in the winter and warm in the summer, thus is keep you warm in winter, and because of it's qualities keeps you cool in the summer.  Plus , it is a renewable fiber and unlike sheeps wool it takes no strong chemicals to soften it for making socks. 



W's: SM 5-6.5 / MD 6-9 / LG 9.5 -12

M's: SM 4.5-6 / MD 6-8.5 / LG 9-12 / XL 13 -16